Essential oil: Delivering the world of benefits

Essential oils are oils filtered from plants and their parts such as flowers, roots, stem, bark, seeds and more. Since they are extremely concentrated natural oils, they find great use in advantages like healing and purifying. According to essential oil manufacturers, their impressive antioxidant qualities make them perfect for applications like making of soaps, perfumes, aromatherapy, skincare item and medical treatment as well.

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Essential Oils


A number of essential oils are available in the market today and each one of them has their own distinctive therapeutic powers and health advantages. However it is essential to know which ones are best for the cure you are looking forward to enhance.

Lavender Oil: this is great oil for its calming effect. It calms the mind and body and helps in cutting down inflammation. To mark down stress, always apply this effective oil initially to a small area or you can also add some drops either to a diffuser or pillow for getting a good sleep during night.

Peppermint Oil: Only a whiff of peppermint can offer you a natural burst of strength and enhance mental wellness and promptness. This oil is often utilized as massage oil, lotion and mouthwash too. It also aids in alleviating symptoms of problems like congestion and even prevents digestive issues. What you all need to do is add some drops of this oil to your herbal tea to help enhance digestion.

The healing properties of these oils is awesome as per essential oils manufacturers and can be utilized to cure a number of health problems like arthritis, sore throat and congestion, digestive problems, joint pain, muscle tiredness and acne problems-just to name a few!

Sandalwood Oil: This fantastic oil has long lasting effects and has heavenly calming properties that allow you to focus on your senses. Just put some drops sandalwood oil in your body lotion and you will notice that you are relieved of tension and anxiety. Besides it also helps in enhancing skin hydration.

Bergamot Oil: This oil is commonly utilized in things such as perfumes and colognes. It is utilized to cure stress, anxiety and a number of skin problems that includes eczema. It is essential that the oil is duly diluted before it is put on the skin as the oil can have undesirable effects on the skin which may be skin burns. This mostly happens when bergamot is applied in its pure form. More than this, it is effectively used as incensed or as a vaporizer.

Rosemary Oil: Recognized for its amazing rejuvenating properties, this oil is really instrumental in relieving severe headaches, increasing your power of memory, alleviating stress & anxiety and stimulating circulation in the scalp so as to cure dandruff and other scalp associated problems. Just add some drops of rosemary oil to your favorite shampoo and get beautiful, shiny hair in no time.

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Lavender Oil and its various applications

Lavender oil is one of the fantastic essential oils in India and it is more than just creating a pretty and calming effect. It is one of the strongest remedies in the world of plants that provides physical as well as emotional well being to problems such as burns, migraines, insomnia, insect bites, skin issues, infections, stress and nervous problems. It owes the fabulous spectrum of healing powers to its intricate chemical composition.

Applications of Lavender essential oils India:

Lavender oil in Aromatherapy

1)      Lavender Bath

Perfect for ailing muscles, providing rest and relieving stress. After running the water and agitating the water vigorously, 6-8 drops of Lavender oil are added to the water. After that these drops are added to a capful of milk or Epsom salts and then used in the bath as it aids in dispersing the oils throughout the water. This is a fabulous way to avail the advantages of Lavender oil.

2)      Lavender Shower

After you have wetted your hair, it is time to add some drops of Lavender oil to a capful of water and put onto your head. Stand under the gushing water and let oils rinse off. Cover your face with hands and then breathe in the vapors. While you shampoo your hair add oils and then rinse off normally.

3)      Lavender Vaporization

The top dish of an oil burner or vaporizer is filled with water and then few drops of Lavender oil are added. Then a lit candle is placed in the space build under the dish. This is a great way to get the benefits of this oil according to those that deal in essential oils wholesale. You can use the set-up in both bedroom and living-room. Vaporization is particularly good to utilize when you are suffering from cold or are a bit unwell. The burner must be kept away from draughts and windows should be kept open.

essential oils india4)      Lavender Massage

This is especially impressive method to use the oils when you are suffering from tight or sore muscles or have an injury. This oil will be rapidly absorbed into the blood stream, hence helping the body and the mind. Undiluted oils must never be massaged, always utilize a good quality vegetable or carrier oil. Few drops of Lavender oil are added to the vegetable oil. It is best to utilize 1-2 drops for both babies and elder people. With babies only Lavender Oil is recommended by those who deal in essential oils wholesale.

5)      Lavender Tissues/Handkerchief

This oil is best for immediate relief from flu, sinusitis and anxiety. Utilize 1-3 drops of Lavender oil and inhale instantaneously as needed.


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